About Fairywigs

1 . Fairywigs Profile
2 . Meet Your Needs
3 . Our Commitment
4 . Our Factories
5 . Our Quality Assurance and Logistic center
1.Fairywigs Profile
FAIRYWIGS is a private joint stock enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales and service of fashion hair 
products. It was established in 2011, with 2 million RMB registered capitalAfter many years ' innovative development, the 
company, including Shandong factory,has about 200 employees, covers an area of 200 square meters, including construction 
area of 160,000 square meters. 
FAIRYWIGS has more than 1000 hair products of various types and specifications including hair weaving, hair cover, hair toupee, 
hair accessories, mannequin heads and others. With a complete product range, sophisticated technology and excellent quality, 
its products have been enjoying a good reputation in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, 
Africa and other countries and regions, it also took the lead of obtaining ISO9001 Certification, ISO14001 Certification, GB/T28001 
Certification.Currently FAIRYWIGS takes a leading position in domestic hair industry in terms of output, efficiency, the capacity to
earn foreign exchange and other indicators.Recently, the company had been honored as a company of Value Contracts and Keep
 Promises” in Beijing, China for many years
“Sincerity and Credibility” are the core of the culture and value that FAIRYWIGS has forged over the years of development. 
“Entrepreneurship and Win-Win” are its attitudes towards its partners from home and abroad to advance to a brilliant future together. 
Marching towards the goal of industry integration and internationalization, FAIRYWIGS will always adhere to the enterprise spirit 
of “market-oriented and innovation-powered”, and the principle of “people orientation, customer first, technology-driven, creating an
 international brand”.

What Makes Us Different
Our commitment to gorgeous hair comes through in everything we do. We go the extra mile to offer you the following advantages,
 if you wish to consult with our sales representative, give us a call at 86-10-59420832 (M-F 9am-6:00pm ) or email us anytime. 
We look forward to helping you find your perfect style & color. 
²Factory Outlet;
²Sophisticated technology;
²Excellent quality;
²Private Customization
²Free shipping;
²7 Days Worry-Free return policy;

2.Meet Your Needs
Fairywigs values high of our customer’s individual needs. We feature custom-made service, to meet your growing needs for the exquisite tastes of life. In Fairywigs.com, you can submit your special requirements of any products, we will be committed to cater to your every shopping wish and make them come true.
3.Our Commitment

The key for our success is continuous focus on customer needs and pursuit on innovations. We believe that the focus on customers will enable us to understand explicitly what our customers need and then make great efforts to meet your needs and provide a best ever online shopping experience.

²  Service: "When customers feel happy, we will feel all the more happy", this is our belief and commitment. Fairywigs provides well considerate and timely services.  Our online and offline custom service assistants are always readily to listen to our customers’ voice. Customer needs are addressed with timely solutions and appropriate enhancement and necessary follow-ups.

²  Innovations: "When customers excited, We will be exited" Our customers are delighted with our special custom-made service on their products, which bring personality and surprises to their daily life or special occasion.

²  Excellence: Excellence is our core corporate spirit. Striving for excellence of quality product and service, craving for perseverance and perfection as "never stop getting better".

Responsibility: We cherish harmony between customers and profits, taking full responsibilities on all the products that are purchased from us. We have our specific email inbox (service_Joy@ Fairywigs.com), listening to our customers complaints or disputes or any of their deepest voice. 
4.Our Factories

Fairywigs boasts of our well equibed factories. Located at Beijng, the capital of China, our factory is blessed with massive raw material resources and facilited transportations, which entitles us to manufacutre high quality products with the most competitive prices. Fully equibed with outstanding semasters and skillful workers, Fairywigs can make your every hairdo dream come  ture. 

5.Our Quality Assurance and Logistic center

Customers’ concern is our greatest concern. Fairywigs is devoted to ensure each of our products be delivered to our customers fast and exquisite.

We have an experienced quality assurance team specialized in conducting quality check on each products that is to be shipped.

More, we have our professional logistic department to carefully pack your purchased items to ensure secure shipping.