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  • By musi****ove94 Apr 17,2015
    This wig was a very good price now if you want a realistic looking wig this is wont wrong.
  • By cris****nasaman Apr 15,2015
    The feel and texture of the wig feels like real hair! Excellent product and really good hair! I had other more expensive wigs that were just not as great as this one! Great wig to go clubbing!
  • By rowin_** Apr 14,2015
    I love it I will really reccomand this to many others an be buying again.
  • By kimmo** Apr 12,2015
    I like it but can't stand the long brown hair falling out and getting everywhere. Good wig
  • By thel****ans2 Apr 11,2015
    I heard from my girl friend she like the wigs of fairywigsI choose this hairstyle wig as a birthday present to hershe said it's a big surprise to her and very happy.
  • By Dres****ict05 Apr 11,2015
    if they didn't tell me it wasn't real i wouldn't know! the closer is good and the hair is soo soft and nice .
  • By m3gh****tton Apr 11,2015
    The hair looks and feels like real hair! There is nothing bad about this wig - so much nature
  • By nic1r** Apr 05,2015
    I will be ordering more wigs from this company in the future!
  • By larr****65 Apr 05,2015
    The hairs are extremely soft and do not fall out of the wig. The wig is a tad bit thin for my preferences so if you prefer thick wigs this might not be the product for you.
  • By ritu****aster Apr 05,2015
    This wig is very nice and makes u feel like a new person.... U can have many styles with it. Its great.

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