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  • By nl21** Mar 06,2014
    Recieved wig today and was very pleased
    well worth the wait
    I recommend your company to my friends
    and I will order again in the future.Connie
  • By rode****ule_94n Jan 14,2014
    i love this wig so much.long wig with all curly,the material so soft wear it very comfortable.i will tell all of my friends.and i will buy other wigs from you.thank you
  • By Leni****e Dec 17,2013
    Amazing color! wonderful more than I expected,Thank u very much, this one I love it
  • By toot****k45 Dec 19,2013
    this wig is beautiful look at the very fiirst one where they have the little color boxes that one is beautiful i love how black it is abnd im going to shave my head so that i can get that black wig
  • By sadi****ynum Dec 20,2013
    it is really human hair ,I fired it and can smell a flavour like my fired hair, yeah, it's real hair.
  • By shan****garmon Dec 16,2013
    This wig is so comfortable. I can wear it all day & can't tell I have it on. It is so soft to the touch.I chose color 4. My own hair is cut in a short bob style, so this wig is a longer style for me.It is becoming my favorites!
  • By bihb****oto_41 Nov 01,2013
    It is very cheap , and i think it worthy every penny. I found that the wig priced at more than 500USD. LOL, it's nice buy. LOve the wigs so much, highly recommended!!!
  • By fwage** Nov 26,2013
    It is lovely soft chic and stunning,Was brown wig is a product than the image, it was so good to me became. I like it.
  • By ?b.k****ne Nov 06,2013
    I just picked up the wig from DHL. I love it. It is bouncy and soft. It is a good color for my skin tone.
  • By ingi****a Oct 26,2013
    It looks seamless. I hope there will be more such wigs. The wig looks real and the hair fits the face perfectly

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